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Miguel Guzmán talks about modeling

Art is one of the most important aspects in Noahmund. Everything that includes our videogame is conceived from the vision of beauty and inspiration. For that, the department of art works unceasingly so that the most innovative ideas that arise in the studio have a true reflection in the final content that, after all, is what players are going to experience when they finally enjoy Noahmund.

Miguel Guzmán is one of our 3D modelers, who has been working very hard during the last weeks for our second demo available from the 16th of October. In this demostration you will be able to see the city of Shinn and Costa Penumbra, so that Miguel’s work has been centered in modeling both scenes/settings.

In the seaside site it has been recreated all of the props, such as stones, vegetation or the collectible elements, that are essential for the creation of catalysts (potions) in the advance of the adventure. In the same way, Miguel has elaborated all of the objects of dungeons that you will see in the final version of the game, which contains many details of a huge artistic importance, especially to contextualize the player with the place where they are. These kind of elements, like monuments or big size elements, comprise the greatest difficulty, since they need a more exhaustive and thorough treatment in order to perfectly reflect their characteristics.

To Miguel one of the biggest satisfactions is the composition of collectible elements, such as herbs, flowers or bushes, which, despite of appearing very homogeneous between them, they offer the possibility of doing the task with more dynamism, providing their personal touch, something that does not happen in other types of compositions more attached to the conception of the script.

About the city of Shinn, Miguel has been working on a striking area of this mythical location. A restful place, full of spirituality, surrounded by forests and separated from the bustle of the city and its population. This forest, inspired by the zen gardens for its design, is a rest and repose area within the city, a place where mysticism and mourning come together with familiarity.

Ábrego enters the last week before the release of the second demo. The work is continous, but without any doubt it is made with great ilusion so that everybody can enjoy it. Next week we will come back with another devblogespecial for the release of the second demostration.

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